About Matt Kemp

Early years

The travel bug bit me at a young age and after a university degree in marketing & tourism, and a career in hospitality I set off at the age of 23 to see the world. Armed with a film point-and-shoot camera, I departed for London. I spent several years exploring the British Isles and Continental Europe and later moved to Canada to explore North America. I returned to the UK in 2002 and continued to see more of Europe. Throughout my adventures, I promoted myself to different roles such as a t-shirt folder in a sports shop before taking on a role as Project Marketing Manager of northern Europe for Euromediterreane’s Marseilles urban re-development project. A much-loathed job in recruitment and a mundane job with the Canadian Government encouraged me to study photography while working in these roles. Trained only by what I had read in books, I purchased my first film SLR and from that point my hobby got out of hand.

Evolution of MKP

Photography has always been a passion and all I ever wanted was a few nice images of my travels that I could one day put on a wall at home. It took a knock on the head from a motorcycle accident to convince me that life is short and to try and make a living doing something I like. Misfortune again, led to opportunity after being robbed at an ATM in Africa when I realized the true meaning of survival and how to survive in this world solely from photography. Having no cash or access to funds, I managed to exchange photography services for food, shelter, mischief and adventure beyond my wildest expectations. I continued my travels on from Africa and spend 5 amazing months in South America shooting everything from ancient rituals through to professional swimwear models.


MKP now has a commercial studio and training facility in Chatswood, which services Sydney's northern beaches, the lower North Shore and Sydney’s CBD. Today, I continue working full-time as a photographer and photography trainer. I continue my geek-like quest for knowledge & creativity and happily share this wonderful passion with students and clients.

My work

That old cliché, “a picture tells a thousand words” is possibly one of the biggest understatements of all time. I could write a novel on just one image. I have never been one to keep a written travel journal and I think that if I tried I would spend a lifetime writing rather than experiencing. My life's journal is my photo collection where photographs replace text. My photos are a visual documentation of experiences that leave the interpretation to the individual. It invites them see the world through my eyes, whilst allowing them to take their own journey. My personal collection that you see in the portfolio gallery section is a combination of my work and play. I invite you to take your own journey through the lens and through my eyes. Enjoy!

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