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The choice to purchase, sell and market a property is an emotional decision that begins with initial attraction. Matt Kemp Photography strives to achieve the highest level of appeal to buyers by producing the most attractive images based on eye-catching compositions and a welcoming atmosphere. 

The old saying "a picture tells a thousand words" need only say five words "these are my new premises!"

With the attitude of "your business is my business" Matt will liaise with you and your client to capture the best angles and outlooks to lure prospective buyers. Matt's eye for detail has gained him a reputation as one of the leaders in the industry that strives for perfection.

In today's competitive market it is important that your property images stand out from the competition. Matt's technical expertise in camera, lighting and software knowledge deliver enticing images that guarantee to draw attention. 

Matt Kemp has over a decade of experience in the property, architectural, D&B and the real estate photography sector coupled with a solid background in international marketing and sales. Through clever compositions, Matt is able to produce eye-catching images that give the viewer a walk-through experience.

In addition to photography, MKP also produces high quality floor plans using state of art laser measuring equipment and CAD design software to produce user-friendly plans that are easy to comprehend.

For professional expertise and reassurance of results, talk to Matt and discuss how you can stand out from the crowd.

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Architecture and Interior Image Samples

Contemporary Art
Architecture and Interior

Modern rustica - interior design
Architecture and Interior

Commercial pool and spa
Architecture and Interior

Loungeroom interior with pool view
Architecture and Interior

Designed and engineered for fun
Architecture and Interior