Family and Lifestyle

Time passes by quicker than we realise. The time between that first smile, their first steps through to the 21st Birthday party and beyond, often seems to fly by. Every moment matters and every moment is unique. 

Unfortunately we can't stop time which is why it is important to capture life's milestones now and forever. Lifestyle photos are what defines you. The very essence behind MKP's "your journey, your story, your image". 

Don't wait for a milestone. If you are feeling good and want to take a professional snapshot of this time in your life then why not get some photos done.

Types of Family and Lifestyle images to consider:
  • Birth & Infant family portraits
  • 1st birthdays, 21st birthdays and other landmark years
  • Graduations, Christenings, Engagements
  • Just because you are feeling great and want some nice photos!
  • Online dating, Tinder, RSVP, e-Harmony profile & lifestyle images
  • Professional profiles, linkedin, social media, facebook
Every person is this gallery are not models. They are real people in real situations. Matt's personable nature and ability to quickly build rapport, ensures comfort and allows for some beautifully candid and natural imagery.

Capturing lifestyle is about being comfortable and enjoying a quality time". That is the theme for every family photo shoot no matter which location is chosen. Whether you prefer the studio, the comfort of your own home, the local park, the beach or a favourite location, we will make your day a fun and memorable one to cherish forever.

Matt is a professional photographer with over a decade of experience in family and lifestyle photography. Call 0404 956 624 to discuss your ideas and see how you and your family can a vision of beauty to share though the ages.

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Family and Lifestyle Image Samples

Natural Beauty - Coastal Living
Family and Lifestyle

Sweet, cute and adorable
Family and Lifestyle

Contagious laughter
Family and Lifestyle

Brotherly love
Family and Lifestyle

A beautiful time in her life
Family and Lifestyle

Beach excitement with the kids
Family and Lifestyle

The spirit of youth
Family and Lifestyle