Adobe Photoshop Lightroom - RAWESOME course

"RAWESOME" - ADOBE PHOTOSHOP LIGHTROOM CC is an 8-week software course that provides a powerful and efficient “one-stop-shop” solution for storing, managing and processing RAW images.
Lightroom is essentially a professional image asset management system that can be used by photographers of all levels. Created as the modern-age darkroom, Lightroom is the software that separates ordinary photos from masterpieces. If you'd like to sort out your photos into a easy-to-find photo library and produce professional looking images then RAWESOME - Lightroom Essentials is for you.
Lightroom is more than just a digital darkroom; it is an image processing powerhouse that provides a single-application workflow solution from initial capture, through to end use. There are other programs such as Abode Bridge and Adobe Camera RAW that perform similar functions as Lightroom however, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom was developed as a stream-lined tool that allows the photographer to perform photography-specific functions within the one application with the added benefit of automated output functions such as packaging images for presentations, printing and web use.
The key objectives of the course are to:
  • Organise and catalogue your photos so they can easily be found
  • Create amazing images using the digital darkroom tools
Once you get started with Lightroom, you'll wonder how you ever did without it.

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