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Creative Modules

Learning photography and enjoying it, as a hobby is equally as fun as is time-consuming. Matt understands that not everyone has the luxury of time to commit to a 6-8 week course, which is why he developed Creative Modules. The modules are designed to deliver core segments from comprehensive courses in bite-sized chunks. Focusing on a particular skill, study or camera function Creative Modules allow students to learn at a convenient and comfortable pace.

Each module contains a theoretical component followed by a practical session where skills and knowledge can be applied.

Light artistry – learn to "see the light"

  • Behaviours of Light
  • Working with the light you’ve been dealt on the day
  • Quantity, quality and direction of light
  • Understanding contrast
  • Types of light sources
  • Modifying light
  • Black and White photography
  • Practical: Botanical Gardens
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Creative Exposure

  • exposure triangle overview
  • controlling exposure (brightness) creatively
  • interpreting the histogram
  • metering - how your camera reads light
  • understanding 'stops' of light
  • explanation and when to prioritise ISO, shutter or aperture
  • Practical: Luna Park precinct
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Creative Shutter Speed

  • exposure triangle overview
  • when to prioritise shutter speed
  • Capturing action/movement – freeze or flow
  • Painting with light
  • Choosing an appropriate shutter speed
  • Use of density filters
  • Bulb exposure
  • Creating a movement/motion capture workflow
  • Practical: Sports field, dog park, city night walk
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Creative Aperture

  • exposure triangle overview
  • when to prioritise aperture
  • how to control depth of field
  • star burst effects using aperture
  • make your own aperture shapes for bokeh effect
  • diffraction, sharpness and the sweet spot
  • Pro results using a prime lens
  • Portraits and landscapes
  • Practical: Outdoor Portrait session location TBC
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Flash Photography

  • continuous vs flash/strobe lighting
  • when to use a flash
  • ambient light metering
  • flash/speedlight functionality
  • e-TTL/iTTL metering
  • manual flash metering
  • using your flash a main light vs fill light
  • flash sync speed (x-sync) explained
  • HSS – high speed sync mode explained
  • 1st vs 2nd curtain sync explained
  • modifying and controlling flash light
  • Practical: MKP studio
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Intro to studio lighting

  • the anatomy of a studio
  • lights, stands, backgrounds, grip
  • strobe vs continuous light
  • what are light modifiers and what do they do
  • changing background tones using lighting
  • inverse square law
  • quantity, quality and directions of light
  • setting up a home studio
  • Practical: MKP Studio
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Colour and Composition

  • understanding white balance
  • custom WB
  • colour theory – using colour for impact
  • colour vs black and white photography
  • using contrast to set the mood
  • how to compose a photo
  • Practical: The Rocks, Sydney
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Lenses, focus and perspective

  • zoom vs prime
  • macro
  • focal length
  • focus distances
  • hyperfocal focus
  • perspective and distortion
  • the lens sweet spot
  • image stabilizers
  • when and why to use particular lenses
  • specialty lens – extreme macro, tilt shift, fisheye
  • Practical: QVB building
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Photography Courses

DSLR Photography Essentials

DSLR PHOTOGRAPHY ESSENTIALS is a comprehensive digital SLR camera photography course developed by professional photographer and trainer, Matt Kemp. The aim of the course is to provide photography training to people of all levels that want to get the best out of their DSLR camera. The course is open to anyone that is beginning their photographic journey, novice photographers that are looking to take their skills to the next level, photographers that are thinking about a career in photography and anyone that just needs a good and thorough refresher on how to use their DSLR camera.

The "Essentials" course is broken up into 2 parts. DSLR Essentials Part I concentrates on camera functionality, creative use of available light, basics of composition, colour theory, creative exposure techniques. DSLR Essentials Part II covers the use of flash photography and builds upon the content of the Part I course while introducing professional techniques and equipment use.

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom - RAWESOME course

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom - RAWESOME course

"RAWESOME" - ADOBE PHOTOSHOP LIGHTROOM CC is an 8-week software course that provides a powerful and efficient “one-stop-shop” solution for storing, managing and processing RAW images. Lightroom is essentially a professional image asset management system that can be used by photographers of all levels. Created as the modern-age darkroom, Lightroom is the software that separates ordinary photos from masterpieces. If you'd like to sort out your photos into a easy-to-find photo library and produce professional looking images then RAWESOME - Lightroom Essentials is for you.

Lightroom is more than just a digital darkroom; it is an image processing powerhouse that provides a single-application workflow solution from initial capture, through to end use. There are other programs such as Abode Bridge and Adobe Camera RAW that perform similar functions as Lightroom however, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom was developed as a stream-lined tool that allows the photographer to perform photography-specific functions within the one application with the added benefit of automated output functions such as packaging images for presentations, printing and web use.The key objectives of the course are to:

  • Organise and catalogue your photos so they can easily be found
  • Create amazing images using the digital darkroom tools

Once you get started with Lightroom, you'll wonder how you ever did without it.

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