Photography Workshops

Learning photography is fun and exciting and there’s no better way to put your skills and knowledge to the test than getting out and taking photos in challenging environments.

Hands-on experiences are where the real fun happens. Matt’s photo workshops have been created based on his love for photography. It’s no secret that he has put them together because he too, loves partaking in these types of activities.

Each workshop has been designed to challenge particular skillsets and apply different types of photographic equipment in a fun way.

If you have an idea for workshop that interests you then chat to Matt and let him put a program together for yourself and other photographers to enjoy.

Here are some of the more popular workshops that run periodically:

  • Waterfalls & Wildflowers - photographing beauty in the wilderness
  • Humpback Whale Migration Photo Safaris – a majestic sea-based experience that combines whales and golden hour photography
  • Wild Coast on Dusk - capturing creative stunning landscapes
  • Friends, Family, Fun and Photos - taking better lifestyle photos
  • World of Macro and Close-up - tips & tools to open up a whole new world of photos
  • Creative Night Life and Lighting - overcome your fear of the dark
  • Perfect Product Photos that sell (great for eBay users)
  • Star trail photography - includes a Time-lapse Animation session

  • People and Portraits - lighting, posing, capturing candids - great for travel photographers
  • Studio Photography - master the light and create perfect images
  • Abstract body form - turning the human body form into art with creative lighting
  • Sydney's Icons - capturing the best of Sydney, beyond the basic snapshot

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