Medical and Clinical

A busy professional doesn't have time to meet, greet and discuss everything with every future client which is why it is important to have the highest quality images that represent and showcase a confident personality, a competent professional, an industry expert and trusted practitioner.

The medical, clinical and cosmetic surgery industry has been one of the most fascinating sectors for Matt Kemp Photography. Modern medicine, traditional medicine and the hand of skilled practitioners coupled with the challenge of capturing high quality photos in a precious space of time while working in the most regulated and sterile of environments is something that requires the highest level of confidence, skill and delivery.

With nearly a decade of medical and clinical photographic experience, Matt is just as at home in the theatre as he is in the studio.

Some of the types of medical photography, surgery photography and clinical photography include:
  • Theatre
  • Surgical procedures
  • Consulting rooms and consultation activity
  • Practice environmental & atmospheric
  • Patient and Doctor
  • OH&S compliance
  • Doctor & practitioner portraits
  • Team photos
  • Before and after demonstrations
If you require confidential images in a tight timeframe, at a clinical level, then enjoy the peace of mind of having MKP do your photos.

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Medical and Clinical Image Samples

Attention to detail
Medical and Clinical

Cosmetic surgeon at work
Medical and Clinical

Inside a hyperbaric chamber
Medical and Clinical

Bypass - open heart surgery
Medical and Clinical

Sterile laboratory
Medical and Clinical

Theatre life
Medical and Clinical