Product and Advertising

Showcase your wares in style with professional product photography. Whether it is stock for a catalogue, products on a website or point of sale imagery, MKP will ensure that all those curvaceous styles and design details are captured like a true supermodel. 

Professional Product Photography is vital in today's competitive markets and your images need to be of the highest quality. When it comes to customer perception it is as simple as this...
  • Great photo of great product = high quality product
  • Bad photo of a great product = bad quality product
Images can either be shot in the Chatswood studio or on-site. Using calibrated lighting, cameras, lenses and sophisticated software, MKP will deliver the highest standards of product imagery that will make shoppers reach out and grab. No matter how large or small your item, MKP will have a solution for you. 

Choose from a wide range of styles including the traditional clinical appeal of a studio image or add a sense of excitement and adventure in an atmospheric surrounding; the options are endless. 

Some of the typical types of product images include:
  • catalogue pictures
  • website imagery
  • product demonstrations
  • products in their environment
  • deep-etched images (cut-outs)
  • background replacement
  • mock-ups
  • products and lifestyle

MKP's goal is to produce the most exciting and appealing image possible that is best suited to your market. Stuck for ideas? Use Matt's many years of marketing expertise to guide you through some creative solutions.

Matt is also an experienced trainer in workplace solutions for product photography and has educated many organisations in how to take better product photos. 

Want to take the photos yourself? If you have tried taking pictures yourself with disappointing results, MKP can provide you with adequate training, studio solutions and workflow techniques so you can achieve professional results in the comfort of your own office or factory, saving you time and money and giving you the freedom to capture your own products as and when required.

Call Matt on 0404 956 624 to discuss a solution that is best suited for your Product Photography needs.

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Product and Advertising Image Samples

Posture perfect - Surgeon in theatre
Product and Advertising

Celebrity as a product ambassador
Product and Advertising

Childrens birthday gift ideas
Product and Advertising

Sydney Opera mock up
Product and Advertising

Catalogue style deep etch
Product and Advertising